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Our interactive workshops are designed to engage participants in discussing and examining their own teaching experiences, as well as providing them with new trends for teaching English language for immediate use in their classrooms
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Madina Kamoldinova

Introduction to Teaching Online Coronavirus pandemic has had an adverse effect on education: both mainstream and private institutions had to switch into remote work and organize classes online. In this session participants will get an insight into how to conduct online classes, which tools to use and how to organize teachers’ work effectively.

Yana Karpenko

Teaching reading online In this session you will learn how online reading differs from offline reading as well as strategies which are essential to build the skills that online reading requires

Ekaterina Kazachenko

Blended Learning
  Blended learning is a blanket term that is widely used but hard to pin down. This session focuses on integrating online with traditional faceto- face class activities in a planned, pedagogically valuable manner.
24.04.21 Madina Kamoldinovna Engage your EFL learners in writing One of the challenges that the teachers of English in EFL and ESL classroom face is how to engage their learners in writing. It is one of the skills that require from the students not only to be equipped with the necessary skills but also to be motivated. For most learners writing is a painful process which is fulfilled by training and patience. This session will cover the knowledge required in how to teach writing for higher-level learners.

Aida Ishenbaeva

Making the best use of Graded Readers
People keep saying that readers are a useful and valuable tool for learning English, but how exactly do they help? More importantly, how can you, the teacher, make best use of them to maximise their value? This session will look at practical ways to exploit readers to encourage learning in a varied and motivating way.

Aliya Karieva

Special Educational Need Are you a primary or secondary school teacher? Do you have more and more children with special educational needs (SEN) in your class and feel worried about it? You don’t need to develop a whole new way of teaching, but you might need to apply your simple teaching strategies more consistently and consciously to help your students. This session explains the needs of students with special educational needs and suggests practical classroom strategies to help you to build  your confidence in teaching them.

Anara Jusupova

Teaching Science and Technology to ESP learners! Experience has shown that scientific and technical specialisms are often the ones that cause most concern for ESP teachers (if they are not from a scientific background). This session aims to dispel some of these worries by looking at the characteristics and needs of science and technology ESP learners, and by looking at the type of activities and the type of language work Anara Jusupova that works best with the ‘scientific and technical mind’.

Anara Jusupova

Teaching Young Learners Online In this session we will work together to plan, create and facilitate inclusive online learning that engages and inspires young people aged 7 to 14.

Aliya Karieva

PBringing online video into the classroom With new technology come new possibilities. And with new possibilities come new skills to master, new competencies to acquire, new considerations and new laws. We will look at ways of maximizing student interaction with the medium. We will suggest ways in which it can be used as a resource for language input and language study. We will see how a single engaging video can be used as a springboard not just for speaking and writing, but also as a model for students to produce and share videos of their own.


Yana Karpenko

Conducting and assessing an online speaking lesson Assessing and giving an online lesson can be a challenging task for teachers. Conducting a speaking lesson requires everyone's active participation and involvement. How to deal with shy students? How to assess their performance? In this session we will learn speaking activities and strategies to make your lesson engaging and productive.
18.12.21 Aida Ishenbaeva Teach English with the Classroom Presentation Tool!
This session will discuss the reasons for using the Classroom presentation tool in the classroom, allowing participants to reflect on its main tools that will be demonstrated in the session.
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Time: 10:00 - 11:30
  Workshop fees: free
  Certificate: given at the end of a year after attending any eight sessions during the year.
  Course organizers: Teacher Training Centre of EDUPress (official representatives of OUP in Kyrgyzstan)
  Please register 2 weeks before by contacting the Training centre
  +996 (777) 95 59 94, +996 (777) 95 59 79, +996 (312) 31 65 14; Tabyshalieva street, 11